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Behind The Beauty – Squash Blossom Necklaces


What is a Squash Blossom Necklace? Who doesn’t love beautiful jewelry? The unique style and craftsmanship of Native American adornments has attracted jewelry lovers from all over for centuries. Not only are genuine, handcrafted pieces of Native American jewelry stunning fashion accessories, they are also symbols of tribal pride to be enjoyed by those who […]

Who Are Native Americans?

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Common Misconceptions Who are Native Americans? Today, every citizen of the United States is an American.  The country is full of people whose ancestors came from around the world looking for opportunity.  But, before the arrival of outside people, what we call the United States was already the home of many societies of people.  Hundreds […]

Genuine Turquoise

genuine turquoise bracelet

 The Truth You Should Know Before You Buy Turquoise is a striking stone used in Native American jewelry.  The bright blue stone comes in different shades and variations, making each piece unique.  It is also said that turquoise possesses a positive energy that draws love, healing, and happiness to its wearer. Because of these unique […]