Genuine Turquoise

 The Truth You Should Know Before You Buy

Turquoise is a striking stone used in Native American jewelry.  The bright blue stone comes in different shades and variations, making each piece unique.  It is also said that turquoise possesses a positive energy that draws love, healing, and happiness to its wearer. Because of these unique qualities, it’s no wonder Native American artists commonly use turquoise in handcrafted jewelry.  Here are just a few of the benefits of turquoise.

Turquoise is a symbol of friendship, and it is said in many cultures that when given as a gift, it bestows good fortune upon the receiver.  It is also believed to open up the sky to its owner and bring them closer to the universe.  One can also be healed from many diseases and enjoy peace and serenity through the wearing of turquoise. So, not only can turquoise be a striking fashion accessory, it can also change one’s life in the process.

This lovely colors of this natural gemstone range in blues, greens, browns and even yellows. The most common color, turquoise blue, is becoming scare due to over-mining. Synthetic turquoise is made from resin and plastic and can look very close to the real thing.  Many less-than-ethical companies have decided to import turquoise without verifying its source. Native American jewelry is never imported!